How does it work?

Step 1: Contact us to get a Pinnacle account set up. Pro-Tipping has an exclusive arrangement with a premium broker which enables us to issue Pinnacle accounts in AU$ regardless of the fact that Pinnacle does not offer their service in Australia anymore.

Step 2: Deposit the amount you want to invest to the broker of your choice.

Step 3: Contact us in order to link your account with our system:

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Step 4: That’s it, sit back and relax. Our software will take care of everything from there.


What happens next?


Qualifying bets will be placed automatically on your account. Bets will be appropriately sized based on the amount you have invested. The software uses a strict set of rules re. bankroll management in order to keep your risk as low as possible. As with all betting on sports, there are winning and losing periods. During the first week of every new quarter you will be provided with a detailed report on how the software performed and the net result of its activity. If there was a profit the report will mention how much commission you have to pay if applicable. You can verify the report by logging into your own account and checking the statement. Commission % is based on the amount you have invested as per below table:

Invested amount:     


> $1,000


> $5,000


> $10,000


> $20,000


> $50,000


> $100,000



If there is a commission due according to the provided report you are expected to pay the amount within 3 working days. Contact us for any questions you might have in regards to withdrawing profit from your capital etc.


How does the service determine what to bet on?


At pro-tipping we have used predictive algorithms to generate bets since 2004. We constantly work on testing and improving these algorithms to ensure they are up-to-date with current market conditions. Not only do these systems calculate outcomes of certain sporting events based on huge amounts of historical data, they also monitor the movement of the odds at the bookmakers in order to further determine likelihood of certain outcomes. Our betting software tails the most successful systems and its trends and places the qualifying bets automatically with the broker.


Will I get limited or banned by the bookmaker if I win too much money?


We work only with Pinnacle Sports and/or agents of Pinnacle Sports. Pinnacle is a real bookmaker that caters to the needs of any and all bettors. They have a 'winners welcome' policy and have never refused or limited anyone no matter how much they won. 'Entertainment companies' like Sportsbet, Unibet, Bet365 etc survive because they only do business with losing players. Pinnacle makes money of the margins they offer on their bets and therefore don't depend on players losing in the long run.
In essence, Pinnacle operates like an exchange. Bettors bet against each other and Pinnacle charges a commission for their service in the form of a margin on the odds offered.


How long do I have to commit my funds for?


In essence there is no commitment at all: your capital stays in your possession at all times, parked at the broker of your choice. This ensures complete separation of your funds from any operational activity at Pro-Tipping. Your capital is ready for withdrawal at any point in time. You can request deposits as well as withdrawals from your broker at any point in time without involvement from us. To benefit optimally from our service it is assumed that the funds will be invested for a minimum of 12 months although it is recommended that, like other investment vehicles, a 3-5 year time horizon is chosen.


Do you have a referral program?


We offer custom referral incentives to people who refer serious investors (>$25,000 base capital). Contact us if you have interested parties in mind who are looking for solid long term returns. In return for your efforts we will reward you with a % of the commission we charge them for as long as they use the service.  


Can I use the service if I already have a broker account?


Yes, but a monthly fee will apply to use the service in that case. The fee depends on the invested amount. Contact us for details.


Do you accept clients based in the United States?


We offer this service to anyone who is able to get an account with either of the two brokers mentioned above. It is the investor's responsibility to ensure betting on sports is legal in his/her jurisdiction.


Can I place my own bets via the broker account?


Yes, however, it is your responsibility to ensure the account has at least the amount that you advised as the size of your investment available.


Is it safe to provide you with my login details?


Yes, we will only use your login details to configure the service to authenticate with the broker. We will never login to your account directly. You can monitor this yourself by checking the ‘last login’ details from your account settings.


What is the strategy and objective of the service?


The software will manage your capital in a way that the chance of going broke is extremely small. It’s important to understand that the goal is to take a high risk gambling activity and transform it into a low-risk investment strategy. This is achieved through never risking more than a small % of your capital on any single bet. We strive to generate returns in excess of the Australian stock market, the FTSE 100 and the Global HFRX indices.


If your predictions are so good why do you seek additional investors ?


Additional investment provides the advantages associated with growing our business and enables access to many other investment opportunities.

The software that controls the funds was originally developed to deploy our starting capital but it was designed with scalability in mind and it provides out-of-the-box support for a multitude of users (investors). It makes business and commercial sense to utilise the capacity of the existing infrastructure.


I have other questions/suggestions. How can I contact you?


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We operate during business hours on Australian Eastern Standard Time. All amounts mentioned in this article are in Australian Dollars.



Disclaimer / Risk Warning


Risk of Investment

Investment involves risk and each type of investment will involve its own individual level of risk. Past performance should not be viewed as an indication of future fund performance.

When choosing to use Pro-Tipping's services as part of your overall investment portfolio it is important to be aware of your attitude to risk. You and your investment adviser should ascertain how conservative or aggressive you want to be with your investment objectives.

Tax treatment and independent advice

The personal tax consequences of investing in Pro-Tipping services will depend on many factors. It is therefore important that professional guidance is sought before proceeding with an investment.

Pro-Tipping does not provide legal, taxation or investment advice. Investors should obtain advice that is independent and directly relevant to their investment and long-term objectives.

Legal Interpretation

Each policy is governed and shall be construed in accordance with the law of Australia.

Foreign Exchange Risk

Whilst investments can be received in any currency, Pro-tipping's 3rd parties fund brokers operate in EURO and GBP. Subsequently, for investors of currency other than EURO and GBP, there is the added exposure of potential movements in foreign exchange rates.